Smart Care, Inc. 
Katherine Emerick, CNP
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We strive to give you the attention and personalized health care you deserve. 
Do something today to better your health! We can work with you towards your wellness goals. It's a team effort. 

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Offering individualized primary care services including:
-Chronic disease management (diabetes, hypertension,  hyperlipidemia ...)
-Acute illnesses (colds, sinus infections, bronchitis...) 
-Medication management
-Health promotion/ disease prevention
-We also offer CLIA waived on-site lab testing such as:    glucose checks, HgbA1c%, Hct%, urinalysis,  and INR    monitoring and dosing. 
-PCR nasal COVID-19 tests available on-site through CPL   laboratory 
-Virtual visits are available per the clinicians discretion