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Katherine Emerick, CNP
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Katherine Emerick, CNP

    "I love my job.  I try my best to listen carefully and to provide thorough care to my clients. "

In her spare time, Katherine enjoys spending time with her family, studying, and running with Chaco her chocolate lab.   

About Katherine Emerick, CNP
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"Working together toward health and wellness." 
    Born and raised in Las Cruces, NM, Katherine Emerick always knew that she wanted a career in the healthcare field. As a young person, she was fascinated by the workings of the human body, biology, and medicine in general. Her mother is a nurse, and as Katherine grew up there were always stethoscopes, gauze, and pen lights in the house great for playing “doctor” or “nurse”. 
     In agreement with her interests in medicine, Katherine chose to pursue nursing. She graduated with honors from New Mexico State University attaining a bachelor's degree in nursing. Later she graduated with honors from a master's program at Seattle University with a focus in Family Nurse Practitioning. She is certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. After returning to Las Cruces, Katherine worked for several years with Dr. Ann Mercer. She states, “Working with Dr. Mercer has been an incredible experience as Dr. Mercer is not only a very knowledgeable physician, but she genuinely cares for her patients' well-being.” During this time, Katherine also had the pleasure of working with Dr. Okoli, an infectious disease specialist. Regarding Dr. Okoli Ms. Emerick states, “I have been impressed by his knowledge, compassion toward his patients, and his willingness to share his expertise with others.”  
     In 2013, Katherine decided to branch out opening her own primary care clinic for adults and elderly. Katherine is practicing in an office space in Bonita Plaza. Ms. Emerick, CNP is accepting and welcoming new clients. Her credentialing is in primary care and includes management of chronic diseases such as: diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and hyperlipidemia. She also offers physical exams, wellness counseling, medication management, and referrals for appropriate testing, screening, or specialty care. 
    Smart Care, Inc. is the name of Ms. Emerick's business. Working together toward health and wellness is her passion and motto because, as she states, “I like the idea of a client provider partnership in order to work together toward physical health but also toward a patient defined wellness which embodies both physical and emotional well-being.” She chose the name Smart Care Inc., because she hopes to facilitate a "smart" way of providing care to her clients by focusing on each patient individually. Providing personalized care requires time with each patient, and that is essentially why Ms. Emerick wanted to open her own practice. Katherine expresses, “I hope to know my clients, their concerns, and family histories in order to more fully meet their healthcare needs. I do not want to rush through patient encounters but rather, I hope to make my clients feel they are cared for while receiving quality, thorough medical attention.”  
    Ms. Emerick, CNP is excited to offer a primary care option for the community of Las Cruces. She is contracted with all major insurance companies including Medicaid and Medicare and also offers payment plans for self pay clients. Katherine states, “I am very grateful for the support I've received in my educational and business endeavors. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for the influence and support of: Joanne Emerick, RN, Dr. Ann S. Mercer, Anna Emerick-Biad, Sara Emerick, Dr. Obi Okoli, David Mercer, Jacalyn Ryberg, APNP, Phd, Nathanael Emerick, Daniel and Jenna Emerick, and many others.”